Climate Controlled Self Storage Melbourne

A climate controlled self storage Melbourne is ideal for storing some of your things that are affected by frequent changes in the temperature. These could come in the form of furniture, stamps and other collector items that can get damaged as a result of extreme temperature.

Climate controlled storage facilities, as the name suggests, offers a temperature controlled environment for storing items, while also protecting things against dust, wind, snow, rainfall, mildew, molds, as well as frequent changes in the climate. The temperature inside the facility is often maintained between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The storage units are also available in different sizes.

Mini Sized

The mini-sized storage units are ideal for storing important paperwork and other documents, such as tax files, certification, contracts, etc. It can also be used for storing fine linens and designer clothing. Food items can also be stored on the mini sized containers since these units are designed to prevent the invasion of rodents and other pests.

Medium Sized

Medium sized storage units can accommodate some equipment like computers, electronics, computer parts, electrical goods, furniture and other expensive appliances. By storing them in these facilities, they can be kept protected against the adverse effects of the changing climate and temperature.

Music lovers can also choose to store their musical instruments on this medium sized climate controlled self storage Melbourne. The storage can safely keep pianos, guitars, violins and other instruments as well.

Large Sized

Big items like large metallic goods, bikes, construction supplies and even cars, can all fit into the large sized climate controlled storage. As you know, some of these things are vulnerable to rusting. So if you do not have any plans of using these things just yet, you better keep them in these climate controlled facilities.

Remember that the cost of renting the climate controlled self storage Melbourne will greatly vary depending on the size.